The Charity Care Campaign:
Winning a Statewide Victory for Health Care

CN Communications was retained by the Coalition for New Jersey’s Uninsured to raise awareness of an impending funding crisis in the state’s Charity Care and Hospital Relief Fund programs. These programs are public safety nets that provide guaranteed access to quality health care services for every New Jersey resident.

CN’s statewide advocacy campaign educated New Jersey residents about the funding crisis, and overcame the popular misperception that Charity Care serves only New Jersey’s poor and unemployed. CN developed a set of simple core messages to illustrate the importance of Charity Care to every New Jersey resident, and raised the profile of the issue among legislative representatives in Trenton.

A coordinated campaign of advertising, grassroots mobilization and media relations successfully engaged virtually all of the state’s hospitals, hospital lobbyists and Charity Care recipients. It was the first time that all three of New Jersey’s major hospital trade associations — New Jersey Hospital Association, Hospital Alliance of New Jersey and University Health Systems of New Jersey — spoke with a unified voice on an issue. The campaign brought home the human dimension of the issue with the theme, “The Faces of Charity Care,” which told the personal stories of Charity Care recipients.

The campaign secured new dedicated funding for Charity Care and the Hospital Relief Fund in the face of a statewide budget crunch.

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